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Campeon Card

Your innovative and multifunctional ID badge with contactless payment function.

Contactless payment function

Your Campeon Card is a credit-based Mastercard that you can use to pay anywhere.

Mobile App and Webfrontend

Manage the payment function of the Campeon Card via the VIMpay app as well as the VIMpay webfrontend.

All VIMpay Features

With the VIMpay account you can use the Campeon Card and all other VIMpay features.


Use your multifunctional ID badge as a prepaid Mastercard for contactless payments.
Your ID badge is assigned to a user group in the guest portal operated by the company restaurant (Casino). This ensures that any applicable bonuses (e.g. for cashless payments) or discounts (e.g. for trainees) are applied when you pay.
Your Campeon Card is a prepaid-based Mastercard that you can also use outside of Campeon. Pay anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted.

Create VIMpay account

Download the VIMpay app on your smartphone or access the VIMpay webfronted to create your VIMpay account.


The guides explain step by step how to use your Campeon Card.

Payment partners

The IT payment provider and credit card processor petaFuel and the e-money institute PayCenter are the companies behind VIMpay.
VIMpay petaFuel Logo

petaFuel GmbH supports Mastercard transactions with technical handling and payment processing services.

PayCenter GmbH is the Mastercard issuer (e-money institute) and thus the payment service provider.

Campeon Card security

Pay with your Campeon Card

Download the VIMpay app to your company smartphone via the IFX App Store.
Do you want to use VIMpay on your personal smartphone?

Any questions?

The Campeon Card is a multifunctional ID badge with an integrated payment function. If employees want to use the payment function, they need the VIMpay app to load credit onto the Campeon Card and manage the other payment functionalities.
The payment function of your Campeon Card has been integrated via VIMpay. So you can pay with your Campeon Card, it is necessary that you have a VIMpay account. Via the VIMpay app or the VIMpay web frontend you can manage everything concerning the payment function of your Campeon Card, such as the loading of credit or the display of turnover.
Unlike the traditional VIMpay limits, the Campeon Card in the free Lite model (standard account model for Campeon Card) provides you with an increased maximum card balance and an annual turnover limit of 2500€. Unlimited turnover limit you get with the upgrade to VIMpay Basic and the associated one-time costs of 10€. More information about the VIMpay upgrades and the corresponding limits can be found here: How much does VIMpay cost and which upgrades are available?